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lirik lagu 1972 (we got a long way to go) – matt dahan


it seems like every day
you’re planning your escape
i can never tell if i’m a part of your plans
until it’s too late

you keep saying that you need time
but you’ll never ever change your mind
you’ll just continue to revolve
‘round the only problem that we need to solve

(oh, oh, oh) you say you want me
(oh, oh) then you should know

we got a long way to go (oh, oh)
we got a long way to go (oh, oh)
we got a long way to go (oh, oh)

you set the room on fire
just to watch me burn
you’re all smoke and mirrors, girl
i guess i’ll never learn (no)

[pre*chorus & chorus]

we’re not somewhere in the great unknown
you cannot hide, your cover’s blown
so say goodnight for one last time
or we can start to dream with our eyes wide open