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lirik lagu 007 – matt easton


[verse 1]
a world, that thrives off the value of a dollar
that can misconceive the value of a father
it may put more value on a baller than a scholar
and may discriminate on the colour of a collar
the making plain offence needs to be a little taller
‘cos an outsider might cause a layout to be altered
resolutions lay in the barrel of a revolver
and taking someone else’s life can be a problem solver
a world that’s losing the value of a human
and focusing attention on the speed that it’s moving
not worth the time unless the clock comes cordless
download an app that can interact for us
it’s becoming harder for a human to survive
in a man-made world designed to isolate the mind
extract all ideas and put ’em online
leaving you a bunch of bodies feeling like a waste of time

[hook: fabiana palladino]
no no no no no no no
i ain’t on a licence to k!ll like double-o
i just wanna live life and survive it
no no no no no no no
i ain’t on a license to k!ll like double-o
i just wanna live life and survive it

[verse 2]
our society’s developed psychologic needs
with individualism bringing narcissistic deeds
we get it to the public with media supplements
and isolate it even more when we run from it
we joke about robots taking over freedom
but what if we’re slowly turning ourselves into them
modern technology opening horizons, closing personalities, dehumanizing
new era formalities, new things to strive for
value orientated, what’s a life to a cyborg?
we must remember what the most important value is
the priceless emotions through our relationships
forget your tangible needs
and focus on the person in the room and how you make them feel before they leave
integrate, we’re all going through this orbit
extend a hand, you never know who’s looking for it

[hook x2]

[mahatma gandhi sample]
i do dimly perceive that whilst everything around me is ever changing
ever dying there is underlying all that change a living power that is changeless
that holds all together, that creates, dissolves and recreates

[hook x2]