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daylight (troublemaker remix) - matt & kim lyrics


“daylight (troublemaker remix)”

cause in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone [x8]
(i don’t pick ’em up either)

we all stop mighty on the buck chasers,
on ice to price christen till hey duct tape you
domain name is three w dot decay runner
dot com twice around the block
we inhabit the habit of the rap life
so we got the main lady in the rap wife
who keeps us out on road to unload the style
that said to be ahead of a tick tack
that leaves me with the same little issue
hey, how you doing, sorry, that i missed you
leave your words after the tone
while i lay around trying to recover,
acting like i’m too old for this sh-t like d. glover
but then right on a case, with dave and mase,
i earned a place for what i made right midnight
my roar to roll with these broads cause in the daylight

cause in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone [x4]

yo, sing a simple song, i’ma simplify it for you
tell them, what they need to hear, darling i adore you
rinse my b-lls in the rays of osiris,
captain of the hook brought a rap to play the pirates
two ships p-ssing, one without an anchor,
couldn’t find the landline even if she pantomime
slope broke faced the ships on the table,
dips in the fridge has been chips on the table
hips in the big, if the chips on the stable got the
horsey that she rode in
it’s the exit i’ma ask to put your coat in,
smoke your numbers like the jimmy on a guitar, arc on a sitar
as far as i can see it i’m vampire baby,
i dial in the dark here
where a lonely dog barks until somebody
throw a shoe at him
the new phantom of the operator
connect me to my baby girl

cause in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone [x4]

yo, off the gun, we off on the run,
zoom past blocks like we being chased by cops
on fences we don’t sit and we don’t quit never
forever in the echo chain
must be the checks one-two, in the night livin it up fast,
but still catch the checks one two
and don’t forget the three, cause that be the magic number
from the tops on ny to down under

cause in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone [x8]

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