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lirik lagu 44 bars (logic remix) – matter


thinking i don’t really give a d-mn about a bling
(boy, think it through…)

what a year, 2016, second semester.. still working on demos. and till the proper beat comes i’ll keep my favorite verse and bars inside my pocket
it’s all about the perfect timing, make it like an investment

and on september i quit my day job
dead broke, but now i only do the things i really care about
began to meditate in early morning, start to read a lot
make twenty sixteen bars a week, can’t wait for them to check it out

thinking i don’t really give a d-mn about a bling….
writing on beautiful beats like it’s a hobby
hopefully, my p-ssion could turn into a career
write everything i feel, and still try to keep it real
should i stacking money just to get a thousand dollar chain?

are you considered jobless if you don’t make money for your p-ssion?
do you gon’ wait for destiny, or just take action?
maybe this is meant to be, support me or say i’m just a junkie to vocabulary and syllable counts
loving the things i know my parents may laugh about
homies who believe in me say i should never stop
and while people on my back, they gon keep plotting how to keep me quiet

i rock the mic in and move a crowd since 2009…
done a lot i can’t forget
the good, the bad, the ugly, the homies
grew up on jacobs in the trunk, doing tours from medan to bali

that sh-t nostalgic, it became a part of me & played a part to my ident-ty…
i’m just so grateful for the beautiful memories, we argued a lot but still aiming for the top, and i’ll never forget the times when i cried & said goodbye..

and i kept thinking i should probably just fly out to bali…
something i thought about everyday, maybe
i don’t belong in this prison, living behind bars already…
but home is where the homie is, homie

if talk is cheap, i’ll put my money on my mouth and
drop first demo, drowning in sea of rap sh-t
shook the game up, make jakarta feel the tremble
real motherf-ckers, ain’t no f-cking with the pretenders

tough talk, we dreaming it big, but do it tender
chasing something i consider matter..
i’m separated cause i run too fast when i’m on a track
i look around and wonder will they run with me to get to finish line…

i wrote these quickly and hope it come across to you
hope that i don’t overdo my words so you could listen to what i say and believe that we can monetize our talent
to fill the void to the game and put our gold to the hall of fame

(thinking i don’t really give a d-mn about a bling
boy think it through..)
(stacking money just to get a thousand dollar chain?
boy think it through…)