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lirik lagu ecdysis – maud the moth


dig deeper into your bedroom burrows for the ingrowing splinter you blossom around
she wakes you up from your bed to sleepwalk you, over the palm of her hand
i’ll wear my shiniest smile to confront her, but she´s a black hole swallowing all light

you said: “i am yours to save, from the scavenging birds that nest in my chest”
you said: “all i have i’ll share; from my dinner to the last breath inside my grave”

sleep my dear

your need dug into me for a place to belong
you picked all of my locks till i was empty
till there was nothing left
till i was broken

as she quietly holds your remains closе to her breast, you´d trade ariadnе into the maze, to see her smile again

island heart adrift, reclaim all my soil just for your seed, to feel it all again

we promised we wouldn’t make the same mistakes
oh! atlas shoulders, this dome is too bright for our spines

weaving and weaving and weaving and weaving and weaving and weaving
​perfectly embroidered words
​​over my shoulders as a perfect cloak
​​​to disappear below
oh! atlas shoulders

as the sky cracks, you can finally see your creator crawling on her knees.​​

oh! atlas shoulders