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lirik lagu sexy love – max b


still early baby
so wavy
feel so comfortable tonight
shout out to the new york giants
we gon’ do this one for pdp
it’s ya boy biggavel’

[verse 1:]
well at first i caught you creepin’
wasn’t even sleep when she hit the speaker and bleeped him
peeped him, my n-gg- page called said he would beat him, leak him
i told my n-gg- “chill, that’d be cheatin'”, owwww
used to spend and give ya money
we used to make love, lemme lick and dip in ya honey, it’s funny
because before you it was the money, she want me
told me pull it out and don’t leave it coming, ouuuut

(i came)
oh sh-t baby my bad
(you came)
it’s the way you moving your -ss
(stop playing)
before i even gave you some -ss
you shoulda told me that you was gon’ c-m
(you came)
baby i didn’t mean to do it
(i came)
your p-ssy leaks when ya need the fluid
(stop playing)
before i even gave you my p-ssy
you shoulda told me that you was gon’ c-m

is he the reason that my phone couldn’t bleep ya
i heard he treat you bad, heard he beat ya
bring that p-ssy home like you used to do
i’m still on my grind, i’m gettin’ money
light the sour up so i can get a buuh-uzzz

[verse 2:]
i used to play with’ her, lay with’ her, mate with’ her
5 nights out the week, stay with’ her
listen babygirl i used to say to her “why you actin’ stank?
too much smoking and less talkin’ b-tch, won’t you crush that dank”
won’t you tell me that you love me, hug me, choose me
your smiling face, mixed the grand creezy with a smoothie
poppa’s in a movie, poppa got a uzi
he moves it, plus he won’t hesistate to use it
baby why you stressin’, lemme get another shot
keep it comin’ by the dozen, lemme get another rock
lemme get another drop
maybe that in black with the grip wood
mami say she love me kuz the d-ck good


yeah what’s good ladies
lookin’ right for this one baby
this the one right here, this that s-xy love for the ladies
’08 million dollar baby 2
lazy k, owww
i’m doin’ big things in the hood man
harlem in the building man
all day, lenox ave, 7th ave, 8th avenue

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