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lirik lagu hiraeth… – mb hollow


i’ve been thinking about my life
a good person or a bad one
man, what am i?
talking to myself
i’m trying to save sometime
and to say i knew where this trains suppose to lead
would be a needless lie
but wherever this frozen flower has to float to in order to survive, i will make it there
even if it’s a struggle through the freezing air
i’m cold and isolated
but that’s alright
i need to take some time to myself anyway
i don’t know where i’m suppose to go, but as long as i got myself
i think i’ll be okay
it’s hard to walk away from everything you built
but tearing down this building will lead to better hills
better ground, i’ll stand on
i’m no longer sinking into the road like my perception was alluding to
hallucinating all my thoughts
this isn’t looney toons
i got goals that i’m set on accomplishing
and while it’s gonna be harder to build myself back up again
rebuild my car, and steer my life
and fix all my mistakes
i got hope that i make it through
and that is all i need
all i ever wanted to do, was be happy
so i’m working on it
get my wheels back on the streets
and get to swerving on it
i’ve been driving without direction
and these listening sessions
have helped me find my road again
i was nothing more than another drifter in my metaphorical reality
and they help me find the coast again
i was falling nonstop
back inside that dead abyss
thinking when will forever end
but then i listened back to a couple of these *n*logs, and now i think i understand
i’m close to the resolution, but this story has no conclusion
this is just my mental cycle trying to understand itself
questions keep on looming, but i will make it through it
if comes to an answer for my mental health