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lirik lagu where i belong – mc chic


time to go to work
mic check, mic check!

is this where i belong cause i don’t know where else to be?
is this who i am cause i don’t know who else to be?
is this where i belong cause i don’t know where else to be?
is this who i am?
let’s find out

[verse 1]
how many times do i sit back?
thinking if i make it enough maybe i can quit rap
i’ve been asked to spit fast, crypt has, i still can’t
my bars need breaks in between, like kitkats
layers in the bars, but no repeats
trying to keep the peace so i can try to reach peeps
but it seems to me like i need to heat
every word i speak like i seek beef
let me explain, i’m trying to make it as an artist
but the hardest part is making every song i spit the hardest
when you probably never got it, now ill finish what i started
beating mortals in kombat, victory flawless
when i go write, words burn like a match on tinder
i’ma make the most of my raps
stuck with a purpose, i chose to put work in constructing this verse
with the hope that i can make a difference
do the math, looking through my notepad
you see that i really make an attempt to go fast
it ain’t the best, and though i know it won’t last
i’ll still try, just so i can show that
this dude can spit as hard as any other emcee
but i’m lacking co*signs so y’all won’t even check me
if that’s what it takes to get seen, then let me
pack all the rage against each and every
rapper who came to test me, y’all empty
i’ll rap like i’m pro, pain is what you get see
i’m gas to a flame exploding on every
track that i make, you’re going to get heat
after i slay forget sleep, you’ll never dream of
having to wake, your heart be this next beat
this is where i belong cause i don’t know where else to be
this is who i am cause i don’t know who else to be

[verse 2]
you’ll have to imagine the fire, like bane dropped the line
repeating myself it’s like the same song i’m tired
and the critics will now say he complains all the time
when i’m beating the game, like roman reigns, i’m the guy
that is stepping up to the line the baton is up for grabs
let me relay every rhyme that i’ve got up onto this pad
i’m not fast like you saying (usain), but take my time on the track
just so maybe one day i’ll be the one to make an impact
i treat rap like it’s a friend bet we’ll never be like a migos
you’re all chips off of that block now i’m body bagging doritos
aiming straight up to the top, i’m a pilot this like a vtol
if you don’t know what stands for you better go back and read more
cause i’m sick and tired of making this fit the fire i’m raising
admit that i am now wasting a breath of mine on just playing
a trick that brings you here to witness rhymes that i’ve made
and i’ll get to fire guns blazing your heads are what i am now aiming at

cause this is where i belong
(what i’m aiming at)
this is who i am
(what i’ll always be)