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lirik lagu lullabye – mc chris



it’s time to go to bed, now
it’s time to get some sleep, so turn the lights down
it’s time to lay your head, down
it’s time to get some sleep, i’ll see you in my dreams

i got my jammy jams, i got my teddy bear
don’t wanna go to bed because it’s dark in there
but i best be brave, soon i will be asleep
it’s normal to be nervous, yo i’m kinda creeped
there is no boogeyman, no monster ‘neath the mattress
mom and dad are nearby, don’t cry, no need for sadness
the closet’s filled with clothes, no creepy clowns around
no evil trees to tap the window how i hate that sound
said nothin is more frightening than what’s unknown
what’s hidin in the darkness when you’re all alone
when you bellow for a beverage in the middle of the night
you really need some re-ssurance that everything’s alright
and it is


i got a night light, it keeps my mind right
for when it’s pitch black, that’s when chris cr-ps
i need a llittle illumination keeps the monsters at bay
if i’m seeing spooky shapes and i’m feelin afraid
i got a flash light, i can aim at intruders
won’t let the bugs bite, i got evasive maneuvers
so i’m prepared and protected from infiltrating foes
solar system on my ceiling with some sticky stars that glow
i will not toss and turn, keep the family up
i got my blankie, got my wubbie, got a thumb to suck
i will not kick the sheets, no pillows overboard
i will just go to sleep, just please don’t close the door…

“it’s time to go to bed” [8x]

[chorus – overlaps last 4x]

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