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lirik lagu american secrets: new york city – mc grizzz


[verse 1: akil b strange]
i remember when white folk started looking at me different
we were only like 11, but no longer seen as children
‘cause the precinct got a whole book of statistics i now fit in
and, according to mr. policeman, i match a description
now his presence is persistent during, in, and after school
they treat it like a criminal offense each time we act a fool
i mean, true, we was rude, but sh-t we was from the hood
that just means a little att-tude’s in everything we do
so the first time a cop arbitrarily stopped me, i was so scared
barely had hair on my nuts, i hadn’t even smoked yet
told me that i stole sh-t. poked me and provoked me
but my pops taught me the procedure so i was prepared
not too much eye contact. hands outside my pockets
with the knowledge that sudden moves could be seen as attempts at violence
‘cause the amidou diallo trial verdict haunts my subconscious
can’t wrap my young mind around this precedent. it’s too big to process
then in 9th grade, school wasn’t round my way no more
my relationship with the police ain’t changed much though
plus i’m dressing like a thug, smoke, and selling bud
found this girl that gives it up, that lives out in bensonhurst
but each time i visit her, the har-ssment’s so much worse
i said, “d-mn this p-ssy’s good, but this sh-t just isn’t worth it”
now imagine a 14 year old boy giving up that play
‘cause i don’t feel safe round her way and i’m too embarr-ssed to say so
that’s real rap. real black life, doc
used to keep weed in my sock on the off-chance that i was stopped
all my white pothead friends ain’t do that sh-t though
they’d be acting mad hot boy like, “it’s cool, bro”
i became aware of the inequities between them and me
like how much tenser i would be with cops in the vicinity
and comfortable they’d be exercising their liberties
now i got me a good degree and sh-t is still the same
that’s probably because policing in the states are renamed
slave patrols created to hold and control newly freed slaves
profiling is so ingrained as a part of police procedure
and they don’t seen too anxious to make no changes to it neither

that’s why i be like, “f-ck the pd! (f-ck the pd!) f-ck ray kelly! (hey!)
f-ck the pd! (f-ck the pd!) f-ck giuliani! (hey!)”
that’s why i be like, “f-ck the pd! (f-ck the pd!) f-ck ray kelly! (hey!)
f-ck the pd! (f-ck the pd!) f-ck giuliani! (hey!)”

[verse 2: mc grizzz]
i see the block through my blue eyes
invisible criminal, cop get the drop on me, probably never scrutinize
my white skin glows ghostly in the streetlight
scared to be alone, walking mostly in the streetlights
why? what the f-ck am i afraid of?
there’s no one out to catch me. you can check the data
that mayor is a racist. he hates you and your neighbors but he loves me
come see. they wouldn’t dare touch me
watch it, and make sure it really happened
they wouldn’t testify if i confessed it to the captain
talking dirty ‘cause the truth is like that sewer there
the block is my safari, and i’m looking for a souvenir
a bag of something evil, the color of my people
look how i’m walking eager, my cosby sweater leaking sweat like
o god i’m fiending for the rush in my blood stream an’
i touch demons and they touch me back
saw this group on a stoop, thinking, ooh they must sell drugs
why? why? ‘cause they’re young and black
i, i asked them if they knew that white girl
nervous, so i stuttered. one of them asked me, “which white girl?”
awkward with the slang, i’m a tight pants hipster
don’t know how to talk the game, white sands sniffler
“um, i wanna buy drugs from you please.”
i wish he’d said f-ck off; instead he looked pleased
“oh wait right there. what you want? a g?”
he said his cousin’s coming down the stairs with what i need
the cousin daps me up with the baggy in his palm
but i clap his hand wrong, drop the baggy on the street
he gives me this look. i just pick it up
the cops is probably watching but i just don’t give a f-ck
i know i’m not suspicious to that dt in his civies
there’s a siren in his civic. i can see by how he fidget
but it doesn’t’ fidget me
see, my brown suede, k-mart clarkes don’t make a sound on the pavement
i don’t need sneakers. police will keep my secrets
walking back home to a home i shouldn’t have
white college students moving in on the ave
pocket full of bad news but frankly i’m relaxed
actually i’m giddy just to open up that bag
not a single thought given to the children and the women
and the men in some foreign land
getting mistreated so i have a better weekend
f-ck that, i sniff it by myself and start tweaking
write a couple raps about a life without reason
d-mn! i think i am the man but i’m the man

[mayor bloomberg]
most crimes in our city — serious crimes — are committed by male minorities fifteen to twenty-five

that’s why i got george soros to put $30,000,000 in. i put $30,000,000 of my own money in. $60,000,000 of the city’s money to try to go after this group

i think we disproportionately stop whites too much, and minorities too little …