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lirik lagu 180 – mc jesus


vers 1
my heart is apart, but my heart is a part of me
as well as my arteries, i keep fighting for artistry
darling plz, you already broke it once
i need a break fast, ’cause i’m hungry for lunch
f-ck that skip the meal, and go straight for the dinner plate
christian men on time, and all the sinner’s late
all the winner’s hate, a loser who can’t take the loss
trying to explain it, i’ll destroy you if you say “because”

because of that my head is even more damaged
but still you can’t hit me, my head is solid as granite
granny, she want another ride in the pipes
when i seek your -ss b-tch, you can’t hide
i’m d-mn right, to set your mind on standby
stand by and watch me as i deliver rap crimes
let me cut you open with my f-cking rhyme knife
you’ll die driving 90 when you’re doing drive-bys in the nightlife

do a 180 on my rapboard
get 18 hole par on my rapcourse
i got that important cash, but i can’t afford
to blow it all up, or cause a murder on the dancefloor
protect your eyes, i’m coming with a sandstorm
u see, uv, the whole reason you got cancer for
ain’t proud of yourself, nothing you wanna stand up for
i’ll kick you off this public transport

vers 2
i stand for what i’m saying, and what i represent
i respect that you’re less intelligent
if you wanna get close, better book an appointment
you forgot to use your head, when you lost on the coin flip
i got your tail, you dropped it like a lizard
you trying to escape, b-tch i’m a wizard
i’ll accio your f-cking -ss back in that chair
i ain’t using cusswords, b-tch i swear

you can’t stop me or slow me down, i’m solid as a street sign
you don’t wanna f-ck with me when i freestyle
my lyrics make you h-rny, ’cause you want what you can’t do
your f-cking existence is boring, god d-mn, you can’t refuse
your d-ck is stiffer than a dead body
kinda gross watching you jerk off to rigor mortis / rick & morty
you better protect yourself, b-tch you gonna get shook
this whole sh-t is like if d-ck raped bush