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lirik lagu i don’t care – mc melodee


[verse 1: mc melodee]
end of the month, bullsh-t
i’m done with it
broke -ss cats, who wanna run with it?
no cash bet you wanna p-wn this sh-t
when the money comes through, you want a hit
get with it, i’m about to flash some sh-t
and i ain’t talkin’ paper, i mean plastic kit
serve like a waiter and i’ll raise a tip
drastic, i’m about to bust this sh-t
i’m gettin’ sick of it, f-ck the fattest without guts and b-lls
although it’s just the same weed, you ride then poor you get
when it’s rain season they all fall
see ’em standing there, back against the wall
another close call, to me it gets dull
how did your mama raise you, i ain’t got no f-ckin’ ball
on the whole. see? it’s time to get involved
though i won’t be there for your downfall

i get the paper, i i
i i get the paper so i don’t care
i i i i i get the paper so i don’t care

i get the paper, i i
i i get the paper so i don’t care
i i i i i get the paper so i don’t care

[verse 2]
yea, you’re hideous, you got a rhyme
i still got money in stacks and in a better time
you got a hundred cracked, i got the b-tter lines
but not for you, you ain’t a brother of mine
d-mn times, i’m about to get to get mine
act like you know and you’ll be doin’ d-mn fine
act like you know and hopefully it grow
but palms is strong so you can run your cat flow
can i borrow dough? ah, h-ll no
better grab your own mother by the elbow
you’d better grab your own mother, ask for allamoney
you’d better split it up, set it up, let it go and see
i be like d-mn yo
let me break it down once again though
hey, it’s time you gots to show that you could in line when others don’t


yea, i said it
you know who you are
so next time you pick up the telephone
to ask me if you can borrow some money
you know what?
(i don’t care)
just forget about it
forget about it cause i ain’t pickin’ up
so tired of that sh-t
i’m out