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lirik lagu drah – mc otych


[verse 1]

every day struggle making me strong
reloading in order of recording the song
before i gone, niggas got automatic guns
question me about my attitude
getting high by smelling outside the high school
twisted mind full of déjà-vus
reloading each and every night to pop fools
eating burger no ham
i work with my eyes not with my bull ham
can’t do everything at the same time
2 hands 2 feet / a skull in the heat
taking over the beat / lock my dark brain
feeling thirsty as a crack fiend
crawling at the concrete
because they pulled back my seat
weak as a fallen shit
no piercing, no mercy, no mercenary
very mane hilarious anonymous mc machine coming from the deep

[verse 2]

now it’s on and it’s on because i said so
tell those motherfuckers what they don’t wanna know
in the heart of the summer we been dropping snow
b-tch dying in the deeps of my own flow
back to the ghetto game
fighting motherfucking niggas again
put them in caskets and send them in planes
when will we learn to take it easy?

[verse 3]

take money until going to the cemetery
having a rally race and spread disgrace to the four elements
we don’t take vitamins we the vitamens making phenomena
domination, we take inspiration from the ocean/our nation needs to go to the right destination
peep the shape of the streets and stay awake to retake and collect what you achieve
b-tch charging right strait to my chest like a cow indeed making me bleed d-mn