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lirik lagu 52/50 – mc pan


[intro: mc pan]
welcome to bisolar
are you ready for a ride?

[verse 1: mc pan]
i swing from peak to peak
unadulterated truth is all i seek
i’m still a freak
my technique is a chemical imbalance
i feel malice
but now i’m dulled
lulled into submission
not born again, a dead-again christian
locked in a padded cell
mind still multi-faceted
but kept at a certain level
still listening to devil shit
on the level this
may be a dis
to the medical industry
i reach out to touch infamy
lithium keeping me in spiritual infancy
finally they got me medicated
f-ck this mental block
i don’t wish to be sedated
will this be the way i’m fated?
a lesser destiny
festering in misery
finish me
a bipolar prison offering my eulogy
i must break free
mentally and spiritually
so my third eye can see
into the abyss
where my number is 52/50

[verse 2: mc pan]
i was admitted against my will
still, lsd has been a thrill
my choice was never meth
i’l rather take death
pan, just take a breath
my life comes unraveled
is this the end of the journey i have traveled?
east to west
drugs and consciousness is what i test
never put brain chemistry to rest
what i choose to ingest…
is my business
when my veil between this world
and the next is at its thinnest
they try to take my immortal from my grasp
i had black outs and a brain lapse
what’s f-cked up within my synapse?
my metaphor has gotten prolapse
fell from my control
my form is not a troll
a psych ward discharge is not parole
console me
don’t control me
watching “pit bulls and parolees”
i feel detached
a different chapter has been hatched
but i feel like it’s my creative life that has been snatched

[verse 3: mc pan]
diagnosed by the mortals bipolar
they don’t know that i’m bisolar
two suns within my inner lunar
i wield a hip hop conscious tuner
my soul ruled by dual heavenly bodies
with past lives as deadly prophecies
my vision is an eclipse
that tips
the orbit of the earth into a pole shift
heart split
i ain’t got weed to stimulate me
or hp blavatsky to initiate me
to the masters of creation
when i’m stuck in an institution
meant to k!ll my imagination