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lirik lagu 11th hour escape – mc zulu


faster than your red alert
motivating thru your countryside
raise up your bounty now
angels with the spotlights
only time i feel alive
fast break, get away, 11th hour escape

me slip the barricade again

turn up the radio when the news is run
you can’t hold me back with no radar gun
we welcome the rays of the rising sun
put out the dragnet because the bad man come


and when we get free celebration time
the consequences so far from we mind
i change my direction, point to due north
can’t be tied down, life is too short

dreadie flee corruption’s beast over the open road.
safely from the bedroom you drons watch the episode
feel like the heavens a burn with helicopter lights
i mon no beg skin teeth and me na compromise

me slip the barricade again
sight the borderline
test the borderline
cross the borderline