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lirik lagu just bars – mcclain & young korgy


[verse * mcclain]
i got the sun shinin’ down on me, a cold glass of hennessy
all you b*tches talkin’ sh*t, get out of my vicinity
music is the remedy, if you havin’ problems
just play one of my jams, ’cause i’m the problem solver
they don’t even see me comin’ ’cause i’m rogue and i’m rude
why the f*ck you hatin’ on me ’cause you think my words are crude?
if that’s the case, i’ll put a casin’ down until i can’t stand
i can’t stand you b*tches, curb stompin’ on you trash cans
sergeant slaughter, slay ’em all, this is the f*cking wake*up call
whiny b*tches gotta bawl, before you walk, just learn to crawl
i’m the walkin’, talking monster straight out your nightmare
claws out and in ya chest, leave ya dead, right there

[verse * young korgy]
leave ya dead, right there, bleedin’ in the f*ckin’ street
swagger*ific weak bars, hear ’em and i hit delete
started from the bottom and i’m still f*ckin’ here
spittin’ like tobacco, just a*dreamin’ of a rap career
these talentless cats, they got the talent to match
you can have that record deal, gon’ and take it in the ass
i’ll be sittin’ here, grinnin’ ear to ear, just a laughin’
y’all feelin’ high and mighty, mighty holy like an afghan
all your sh*t is see*through, nothin’ shockin’ like a pikachu
sparkin’ up that reefer, dude, i’m soarin’ like an eagle do
my vision plenty clear and my lyrics plenty weird
i just let them dummies stare at the stoner with the beard
i’ll be roamin’ here to there, just a*floatin’ with the breeze
i’m a slacker, never lackin’ when we talkin’ ’bout the st**z
no capital, i’m a rapper dude, i ain’t ever been a trappin’ dude
if sellin’ crack is what to do, then half the game is actual
[verse * mcclain]
crack*headed rappers are cloudin’ my vision, this isn’t the game, 2pac in ambition
me and you rappers can’t even compare, ’cause y’all are below me like ten more divisions
the game has changed, wake the beast up out his slumber
stack the bodies in the back, so we can burn them with the lumber
hit the air h*rn on these rappers
‘cause they need to stop pretending that they’re artists and close their f*ckin’ yappers
they’re posers, drugs and no composure
why the f*ck am i down here, while they get the exposure?

[outro/bridge * mcclain]
f*ck you b*tch, f*ck you too
f*ck the game, the mainstream’s poo
f*ck you b*tch, f*ck you too
f*ck the game, the mainstream’s poo
f*ck these rappers talkin’ sh*t
and f*ck the coke and f*ck the crack
all that sh*t they do is whack
these tweakin’ b*tches better get back
like f*ck you b*tch, f*ck you too
f*ck the game, the mainstream’s poo

i don’t even care anymore
sh*t’s unfair

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