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lirik lagu i’m mad – mcenroe


[verse one]
i’m mad at this spineless government
i’m a man so my mind’s on some other sh-t
i’m mad that my funds for the mothership
i’m a man so i try to recover it
i’m mad that i still gotta scratch and claw
i’m a man so i have to look past it all
i’m mad at a bank cause i’m self employed
i’m a man so i make myself a choice
i’m mad at who’s inconsiderate
i’m a man so i’m cool with the little sh-t
i’m mad and i might wanna teach you a lesson
i’m a man though, don’t need a reason for stressin’
i’m mad if you’ve never even heard of humility
i’m a man so i’m known by my true ability
i’m mad at the yappin’, it gets so hollow
i’m a man of action so respect will follow
i’m mad as a fan as kobe is selfish
i’m a man, he’s a kid, i know he can’t help it
i’m mad that for shaq we got nothing of value
i’m a man so i hope that he go down too
i’m mad gas costs so much
i’m a man so i just hop on a bus
i’m mad that the big wigs got to us
i’m a man, one day they’ll rot and rust
i’m mad…no not to trust
the man, gone mad with shots to bust
i’m mad at rights now tossed to dust
i’m a man, no power is not for l-st
i’m mad at clones who follow the tide
i’m a man, sometimes i swallow my pride
i’m mad if i ever even make a mistake
i’m a man so i’d rather be dead wrong than this fake

[hook] {x4}
i’m mad
i’m mad
i’m mad
gonna deal with it

wait wait what’s he’s saying? he’s saying “i’m mad” right? i’m anne? are you su- aww man. he’s saying “i’m mad”. he’s saying “a man”? i gotta redo the whole song over again