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lirik lagu spazzin – meek mill



listen a double shot
of henny rock
put me where i wanna be
i’m puffin on dis purple
and i’m buzzin like a b-mble bee
n-gg-s can’t stop me
so they copy and they wanna be
he try to holla at me
i let it pop em wen he under me
you not it’s only one of me
meek f-ckin milli i’m hot
you don’t want none of me
and i’m down to kill him i pop
hit up the stomach peice
n-gg- get ya sh-t tagged
swear to god if you survive
ya guaranteed a sh-t bag
wat ya b-tch -ss talkin all hard
like you really put in sum work
or walked through that yard
with them gorillas and killers
that put hawks to da guards
really think you was fillin
cause you talk to the nard
swear to god i’m a ride for my squad
wen the time c-m
nine in my palm
rubber grip like a condom
you slip i behind him
to put you out ya misery
hit him in his head
he survive he wnt remember me
ever since a younging man
i always had a tendacy
to catch me a body
so don’t you try to be a friend to me
45 taurus acp
it put a n-gg- in a coffin asap
i grip ta wh-r-
bet i score like a sat
cause we ridin in a impala
it’s a ss we
we choppin all on them choppers
ridin on any body
we strapped just like gibrauds
we out if they try stop us
them cops they tryn knock us
throw that sh-t out the window
but on the first hand that my b-tch out the window
and on the other hand
that’s five to ten out the window
my petal to the metal
i ain’t givin them info
i’m dipin like limbo
40ty orty crom i let it blow like nitendo
he smoken like indo
his head shot records n-gg- sign up now
if you hot you get a spot
if you now calm down
young bob blood hounds got hooked all up
wen he rap it’s like crack
wen it’s cooked all up
these n-gg-s try me
he gettin homied
no doubts about it
i’m poppin to hit his body
i’m choppin just like karate
we in the johnny
we tented and we sendin
me, wally, and lil donny ready to put that work in
omelly ready for sertain
dat dezzy hit you it’s curtains
no reague we gone purple
dat erkle that have you leanin cleamin all in the beamin
we skatin on 22’s
they goggles just like kareem
nike you?
i’m tryna one nite you
d-ck you down kick you out
get it down in and out
like a cross over you know it’s all over
so stop the frontin and the blufin hand them draws ova
she take them clothes off
i’m like shaq going straight to the hole yal
bite dat?
she must think i’m a fool ya’ll
be rite back
we gotta make it to school broad