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lirik lagu truck prom dance – memphis kansas breeze


there once was a girl truck who didn’t get invited
to the truck school dance
no one asked her, she had to stay at home alone
cryin’ tears made of gas

the most popular truck in school
invited her to the prom as a joke
all the jock trucks were gonna look at her
and laugh at her expense

but then the boy truck took off the girl truck’s glasses
and realized just how pretty she was
he learned that you can’t judge a truck
based solely on its appearance

because it’s what’s inside the truck that matters the most
you gotta open up the hood to see what kinda engine’s inside
then they both got elected king and queen of the

truck prom dance
truck prom dance
truck, truck prom dance

toot beep, beep honk, toot beep
honk beep, toot beep, honk beep
honk beep, beep toot, honk beep
toot beep, honk honk, beep honk