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lirik lagu feelings – mercury


(verse 1) those times when i wanted to run out but i’m glad i didn’t cause i was losing when i thought i was winning lost in my thoughts in the moment and i didn’t care if we had to sleep in tents when we couldn’t afford the rent when my texts wouldn’t send i just want them back before i have to reminisce all the good times that life gave us and all the times we were there when life sucked dad remember the time when mike threw the ball and his arm looked crushed ha that was funny when we made videos it was so sunny even the times we didn’t have money and mom remember when we would watch redskins on the tv lens when they score and win but then rg3 was hurt they lost to big ben or when we watched and listened to mcren or when i was bowling at ten yeah i want it back before it’s the end
(chorus) let your feelings out x8

(verse 2) i’m letting my feelings out before it’s over i sometimes wish life could go a little slower na screw that i just want my parents back with everything that’s going life is so wack that’s a fact but i made a pact to keep with rap so one day my claim to fame and forget what haters say mom’s sick guess we’ll have to wait and hope for better results i can’t stop thinking that somehow it’s my fault and that’s my downfall i feel like i hit a wall i’m so nervous my skin crawls to my fam and fans i love you all i just wish i can make my mom better with just one call
(chorus) let your feelings out x8
(verse 3) i guess you could say this is the way i put my feelings out but in reality it looks i don’t care about the situation when i really need fluctuation to suck up my tears and fears emanc-p-tion i’m just saying i feel worse on the inside than on the outside cause i bottle up my emotions on the inside instead of on the outside that’s why i use rap as a route to clear my mind and put me in line to take care of the feelings i left behind and to clear up my tears from my eyes cause why cry we can make it together in whatever weather and that’s true mom i love you we don’t need to cry and pout being happy and healthy is what were about i’m just letting my feelings out