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lirik lagu -3.25 – merrick


oh, why (8x)

i parked on the 5th floor of latimer garage
took a quick pic of the whip, then i dipped
we met at plenty cafe, it felt like a mirage
i don’t know how to explain it, it’s kinda odd
we crossed over sidewalks, with roads and cars to dodge
off to rittenhouse, where you showed me a collage
warm summer views, like a scene from a movie
we walked on another couple blocks for some sushi
next thing you know, we’re up at your pad
i had to go and hold myself back from actin’ bougie
at this point, i realized that you were something special
i just didn’t want to admit it, in case it stressed you
we left to go to spin, then it came to an end
then you took me on past the pride parade
to meet a friend
and i was hoping soon we’ll leave
just time for us two to have room to breathe
to…go to your room
and throw on some tunes
what better way to spend a day in june?
got back, but i realized at your spot
i left my overnight bag in the whip, i just forgot
went back to the 5th floor of that garage
i couldn’t find the whip so i self*sabotaged
you calmed my behind with your military mind
i was just imaginin’ you rockin’ camouflauge
brought my backpack, and the food that we bought
then we walked on home
and i felt like santa claus
got back down on the bed, then had to pause
then you wrapped your arms on my back, and back massaged
you asked me if i was down
i said, whatever works
then you caressed my chest, and we took off our shirts
cut the lights off…did our thing, and had a chat
that’s the realest type of date i ever had in a rap