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lirik lagu 0 to 100/the catch up- drake (metaphaurus raps remix) – metaphaurus raps


0 to 100
there ain’t no end to my stomach
these rappers lookin like m-ffins
eatin’ by the bakers dozen
hip hop’s most wanted like muppets when cops die no one miss piggy
bad kid in a happy city
stackin’ cheese. gotta live gritty
you mess wit my family?
we got a grande problem i’m knockin. who dat? not iggy
i don’t fancy your trashy style you grouchy b-tches ain’t cl-ssy
it’s time to up the ante i’ll mop the floor with you pansies
always plannin ahead
got no implants in my head
had to release some of my knowledge so i’m grabbin a pen
transformin the game starting with the extinction of rappers
you could say it was my fault. i’m starring as the main actor
don’t lump me with all you cancers
makin more moves than a jagger
you can’t comprehend the situation you’re in like a bladder
hereafter, ain’t gonna steer backwards
tolerant of all the bullsh-t i’m chugging the beer faster
try to get to me?
i’m deafening my ears. what you said to me?
you have my permission to f-ck off or face my reckoning
think i’m dumb? i’ll be found fead before i let you on top, see?
situation’s grave. stonin’ you down the stairs. no rocky
still better alone. don’t need any expendables
you nothin but a speck, while i’m standin spectacle
ain’t a lotta korean americans like to rap
it’s our time to shine in hip hop. yellow is the new black
shoutout to all my homies who always holdin it down
and the rest of y’all b-tches bow because i’m holdin the crown