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lirik lagu hey zulu – method man


(with redman, feat. poo bear)

[intro: redman]
turn the beat up a little bit
got to get that part, baby
i’mma do it like this, baby, i don’t give a f-ck, baby
yo, yo

i walk in the spot, and i see n-gg-s standing ’round
so i ask what’s going down
got a girl in the back, a blunt in the mouth
and a chain on my neck, hang to the ground
hey, i said how you feel?
baby look tough with a gangsta grill
i ain’t rich, but i pay my bill
i’m like jay, i’m trying to drop me ‘a mil’
my hood tripping, chrome wheel whipping
with all these hoes, you can tell i’m slipping
shots of patron, got bird eye vision
even broke n-gg-s wanna learn my pimping
yeah, yo, let’s be clear
you’re unaware what’s in the underwear
she said ‘yeah’, i said ‘yeah’
pulled the purp’ out and put it in the air

[chorus: redman (method man) {poo bear}]
aiyo, i smell something burning up
so i throw it up, and i put it in the air
(tell that dj, turn it up
while i roll it up, and i, put it in the air)
{higher, we gon’ take it, higher, watch me move it
higher, we put money in the air} put, put, put, put
put it in the air

[method man]
when i come up in the club, and i see my n-gg-s on the wall
and i’m like ‘yo, what’s wrong with ya’ll ?’
got these girls in the spot, and i don’t care if she a bird or not
cuz i ain’t really trynna talk to ya’ll
got a pocket full of stones, grown with a pocket full of bones
i’m a cl-ss act, i follow with the chrome
lane switching, got your misses on the phone
baby girl, turn ya head and teeth missing out her comb
look, i want this money off the books
little kush, and a playboy bunny that can cook
you wan’t the truth? man, you f-cking with a crook
but these n-gg-s want the juice, now they f-cking up the jooks
jimmy crack corn, and i don’t m-th-f-cking care
cuz the green is the only thing puffin’ over here
so be clear, put this bug up in your ear
meth and doc put it down, yo, put it in the air


a dude like me, keep a boom boom in the truck
so you hear doc rolling up
middle finger in the air, to my haters, yo, what’s up?
you can tell doc f-ck sh-t up
hey, n-gg-, i’m so hood
my hand on the pump, n-gg-s understood
b-tch, i’m no good, i swear
light sh-t up like times square, put it in the air

[method man]
i got a bottle of patron, i’m the only one that spent that cash
but everybody try to get they gl-ss
now we can all have a drink, if you trying to put some dough in the bank
but if not, ya’ll can kiss my -ss
i need a, cinderella that can give me the loot
better yet, a french vanilla that can give me the scoop
oh yeah, just so we clear, put this bug up in your ear
meth and doc put it down, yo, put it in the air


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