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lirik lagu 1st place – metro zu


[verse 1: lofty305]
it don’t gotta be a selfish thing to have a little bit of self esteem
right, right
and when i’m on that lsd cold chillin’ with a gelfling i find
that it grows ever faster
a divine incline is designed in a pattern
i’m first of all flattered
to be a part of this art that most call matter
so what’s up witchu
hate yourself and wanna get a subst-tute
us, you and me is us too
see i’m here to make you feel comfortable
why you worryin’ about her?
just look at your hair, just look in the mirror
just look in the mirror
you’re beautiful babe
in the first place
you was always tryin’ to get first place
but you always was in the first place
anyways, anyway