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lirik lagu fig with a bellyache – mewithoutyou


the camel in the desert took a ship across the lake while the fish in search of water found a fig with a bellyache, who overheard the waves as they headed for the sh-r-: we’re not so sure of separations anymore.

at the caterpillar picnic, brother b-tterfly stole a rhubarb stem, licked and dipped it in the sugar bowl.
caught out for m-ssachusetts in a double-stack train through the adirondacks spinning like a weathervane.
gathering & cutting & splitting & stacking the wood, our fuel is neatly piled and we all feel good.

we pretend to care and like we understand, our eyes go soft but know it now: what we’re thinking about’s your mammary glands and how to sail your birth c-n-l.
we found the pot that fit the lid no less now then when we were smarter did.
our thoughts are like a tea bag on the saucer, all the flavor gone.

that dog below our waist’s aroused, as arms embraced the pretty gals.
it came much more as a surprise, it happening while i hugged the guys.
we planted for the final frost, we once were found and now we’re lost.
we got a heck of a lot to learn about remaining taciturn.

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