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i never said i was brave - mewithoutyou lyrics


i never said i was brave

you might sleep, but you’ll never dream
onward! progress! or so it seems.
you might laugh, but you’ll never smile.
come on in and waste away awhile.

when dreams of rings of flowers fade and blur
giving way to that familiar ill
come over and part your soft pink curtains
where i’m waiting for you still
if you’d unlatch the window,
if you’d let me lay there on your floor
if you’d give me another chance,
if you’d forget the pain i caused before
no use in saying how i’m sorry
so i’m trying not to speak
i’ll sing in silence, lay beside you
with my face there on your cheek
my stomach swears there’s comfort there
in the warmth of the blankets on your bed
my stomach’s always been a liar-
i’ll believe it’s lies again.

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