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lirik lagu 5 wagon – meyhem lauren


[intro: meyhem lauren]
(la musica de harry fraud)

[verse 1: meyhem lauren]
smack lames, versace frames cover my iris
stay alert, never show my eyelids
i’m the livest
provide bliss in baggies
pushing 5 wagons and caddies
see them banging chicks with fatties
we them b-tches baby daddies
probably, maybe
oh sh-t, it could be possible
y’all n-gg-s couldn’t see me
i’m a young optical obstacle
gorilla bread, moving like a beast
looking phenomenal
hit ’em in they face with brakes, if not splash the abdominal
you might have seen me in a cardigan rocking a monocle
grease my feet and leave the murder scene with every follicle
the drink is spiked with something soluble
keep it hood, y’all n-gg-s talking good
but then we follow through
think about it
my n-gg-s’ll follow you then hollow you
that’s word to what i rep
so show respect to what the dollar do
hear us rhyme and see us shine
and then you’ll see it’s true
you f-ggots blew a tranny and you never owned a vehicle

[bridge: action bronson]
(-coughs-) yeah, i’m a f-cking laid-back guy, man
i don’t know why everybody wants to f-cking have a problem
guess when you going places man
you know how that go

[verse 2: action bronson]
yo, yo
chopping wood, sweater smelling like the fireplace
look in a mirror, see a lion’s face
whip spicy like a cayenne
you ain’t tryna get this money, motherf-cker
well i am
b-tches from thailand
get turned to moo goo gai pan
pumping voodoo, drinking yoohoo
shawty put the poodle when she doo-doo
you motherf-ckers acting new-new
put you in a tutu
n-body even recognize the new you
yeah, cut your d-ck, made a p-ssy with it
b-tch, i’m ronnie coleman, you a rookie with it
queens to brooklyn, sh-t it
glenfiddich, neat
or rather unique down to my feet
linen shorts, set brown, stop right at the kneecap
i love this, but i don’t need rap
yo f-ck your feedback
and suck my d-ck to the haters
that’s why i whip the 5 wagon
gators all flavors, b-tch