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lirik lagu 02. am saved – mic gower


verse 1 [mic gower]

nimiaka 20 sasa, til mi nakujua bwana
umenibadilisha sasa, na sasa ni mtumishi wako bwana
people think am triping, but kristo we ndio unanijua
and kila siku mi street , nataka niokoe mitaa

am so unashamed, jesus already saved me now, uha
remission got me
its your turn now
to change your life, mi si mdau
the trumpet blow, don’t be sorry bro
r4c clique, we stay full christ for real
full christ for real

this days they chain themselves
now devil with a new slaves
if your on the side of christ
the world can stay behind
only is word can stand for long
picture when you meet the death
picture when you touch the heaven
coz christ he is the truly god

they walk in the moon, by their dreams never woke
he looks like a pastor but he is an impostor
just preatend you didn’t hear
what is just is clearly heard
de gower i am the saint na still naokoa mitaa

chorus [ t.i.m.e & mic gower ]

zile dhambi ni balaa
matatizo ni balaa
people talking ni karaa
nimeshikwa nguvu moja

baba now
am saved x3 (am saved)
(oh year)

verse 2 [mic gower]

its hurts when you loose the heaven
its pain when you won’t see direction
everybody who ain’t faking, the pray god to see the greatest
ain’t got no invocation, remission day you know we got it
they say life is too, short and your the one who made it

i was walking in the darkness, now am working in the lightness
i was walking in the bad way, now am working in the safe way
he was doing crazy stuff, but now he is a smart boy
he only heard one name, which is jesus christ

as i walk throw the valley of shadow of death
got a word of god for any bad spirty that’s there
god bless with a blood of jesus on my whole life
yes am jesus boy, me and sin never walk along

every time on my heart, i got ma jesus and jesus in me
i pray to get the m-ssage , on bible on every seconds
devil spirty get rejected, soon i detected
born a sinner, but am living in christ

chorus [t.i.m.e. & mic gower]

verse 3 [t.i.m.e]

kila sehem nayo kwenda mungu baba we upo
dhambi nyingi mi ni mtenda ila bado we upo
naruka kila kona , kila kona bado we upo
magonjwa nina pona, nina pona , asante we upo
dhambi baba ulikata
umenishika ni balaa
kama na fly so high
siogopi mi ku die
pepo bado nakudai
i neva feel so shy
watu wana dis but i neva feel so shy
shida za dunia
nilikata nia
mungu nipe njia
dhambi kuikimbia
dharau hainipi ujuz
bible hujaza hekima
mungu ndo mgunduzi na yeye
ye ndo shina,, ha ha
oh god.!

chorus [t.i.m.e. & mic gower]