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lirik lagu 2019 mashup – michael constantino


[maroon 5 * memories]
here’s to the ones that we got
cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not
’cause the drinks bring back all the memories
of everything we’ve been through

[lewis capaldi * someone you loved]
now the day bleeds into nightfall
and you’re not here to get me through it all
i let my guard down, and then you pulled the rug
i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved

[sam smith & normani * dancing with a stranger]
look what you made me do
i’m with somebody new
oh, baby, baby, i’m dancing with a stranger

[billie eilish * bad guy]
so you’re a tough guy
like it really rough guy
just can’t get enough guy
just always so buff guy
i’m that bad type
make your momma sad type
make your girlfriend mad type
[marshmello & kane brown * one thing right]
i’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time
chasing all the wrong things most of my life
been ever kind of lost that you can’t find
but i got one thing right

[ariana grande * 7 rings]
breakfast at tiffany’s, and bottles of bubbles
girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble
‘lashes, and diamonds, atm machines
buying myself all my favorite things

[ava max * sweet but psycho]
oh, she’s sweet, but a psycho
a little bit psycho
at night she’s screaming “i’m*ma*ma out my mind”

[ed sheeran & justin bieber * i don’t care]
don’t care, when i’m with my baby, yeah
all the bad things disappear
and you’re making me feel like maybe i am somebody
i can deal with the bad nights
when i’m with my baby, yeah
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[post malone * circles]
run away, but we’re running in circles
run away, run away
[jonas brothers * sucker]
i’ve been dancing on top of cars
and stumbling out of bars
i follow you through the dark, can’t get enough
you’re the medicine, and the pain
the tattoo inside my brain
and, baby, i know it’s obvious

[shawn mendes & camila cabello * señorita]
i love it when you call me señorita
wish i could pretend i didn’t need ya
but every touch is ooh, la, la, la
it’s true, la, la, la

[drake & chris brown * no guidance]
’cause you got it, girl, you got it, girl, ay
and you got it, girl, you got it girl

[selena gomez * lose you to love me]
we’d always go into it blindly
i needed to lose you to find me

[lizzo * truth hurts]
could’ve had a bad b*tch, non*committal
help you with your career just a little
you’re ‘posed to hold me down, but you’re holding me back
and that’s the sound of me not calling you back
[dan + shay & * 10,000 hours ft. justin bieber]
i’d spend ten thousand hours, and ten thousand more
oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours

[arizona zervas * roxanne]
roxanne, roxanne
all she wanna do it party all night
roxanne, roxanne
she’s never gonna love me, but it’s alright

[mabel * don’t call me up]
don’t call me up
i’m going out tonight
feeling good, now you’re outta my life
don’t wanna talk about us
gotta leave it behind
one drink, and you’re outta my mind

[the weeknd * heartless]
’cause i’m heartless
and i’m back to my ways, ’cause i’m heartless
all this money, and this pain got my heartless
low life for life ’cause i’m heartless

[lil nas x * old town road ft. billy ray cyrus (remix)]
yeah, i’m gonna take my horse to the old town road
i’m gonna ride ’til i can’t no more
gonna take my horse to the old town road
i’m gonna ride ’til i can’t no more

[katy perry * never really over]
two years, and just like that
my head still takes me back
thought it was done
but i guess it’s never really over

[maroon 5 * memories]
toast to the ones here today
toast to the ones that we lost on the way
’cause the drinks bring back all the memories
and the memories bring back, memories bring back you