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lirik lagu stop this car – michelle williams


“stop this car”

uhhhh huhhhh… yea

i see the day past me by
when i’m next to you
for the longest time
i prayed that i could ride up in yo coup
as the wheels, they roll
time roll so slow
feels like i disappear
gotcha eyes on the road
and so many things
it’s just like i’m not here

i can here the music playin
turn it to my favorite station
[?] b-ss
but that’s no remedy

when your heart it seem to be breaking
tell you and you just don’t listen
don’t know how much more i can take it
nothing to say but…

stop this car
i don’t wanna ride no more
cause it’s just to fast
and you want pump the brakes
slow down hear what i gotta say
stop this car
cause our destination too far
i wanna get out
i don’t wanna ride no more
baby just stop this car

dark night surrounding me
watching your lights [fade away]

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