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lirik lagu kung fu grip – mickey diamond & machacha


“and here is g.i. joe with kung fu grip
g.i. joe has hands that grip, fingers you hold open and let close
and let hold on with a kung fu grip
a grip you help joe use in self defense
g.i. joe with kung fu grip, the hands that grip”


[verse 1]
sak– saki spilled grill, chicken teriyaki, hockey drills
clubbin’ lane, jane—it got a rocky feel
i’m like a poppy fill, fire like a taki—i got baki sk!lls
stocky lil’ n*gga; but it’s still going down in this b*tch if you jot me
figure four lock until she knock*knee
top speed make your heart bleed
paul mccartney, rock out like the beatles
on a beat he blackin’ out like don cheadlе
hang my arm out the riegel, watch your еgo land
ape wax, yo you need a hand
smack the fairy dust off of peter pan
feedin’ n*ggas green eggs and ham—i can feed the fans
tryna sn*tch the blueprints and ran, but couldn’t read the plans (vroom!)
motorcycle chases when i flee the man (huh?)
cybernetics arms when i squeeze the can with kung fu grip (grip)
karate*chop action; i run through sh*t, it’s like the party start crashin’
kevlar fashion; trench designed by inspector gadget
payin’ homage to the shooter when he bless the ratchet
’cause this time we gon’ shine like reflective jackets
randy savage—when i drop you can expect a classic
scarfaces place grenades in guitar cases
they never say my name in small cases
twelve molotov c*cktails where stashed in my door bas*m*nt
he blow you up like a song placement (boom!)
white and long faces; whip cost like wacky races
diss broads for actin’ basic
“arm start activations”
off*white, now i’m rappin’ racist (uh*huh)
bulletproof bathrobes, execpt no imatations
“introducing the new g.i. joe with kung fu grip
can your g.i. joe make the adventure team?
you can find out at the training center
this calls for the kung fu grip.” (bulletproof!)

[verse 2]
ayo, i ride around, smokin’ palm trees; walk a [?] style
but we connect like the eyebrows on [?]
nba live ’93; i’m like harambe
my guns like konami, my tongue’s like karate
and that’s on a off*wax, but i’m not mr. miyagi
hard body; i jumped in the ride and called shotty
bathrobes made of teflon, i’m john gotti
you zac efron, the type get robbed at the party for it’s cartier
northface outta wear, goggles in the ski mask
it’s 9 o’clock, dawg where your seat at?
you see that? diamond dallas everywhere you be at
al pa’, challenge, low suicide ski hat
what? i get the job done for forty g’s flat
is your money garentied, or your cheese bad?
kung fu grip (grip), karate*chop action
i toss a rapper in the chicken wing like bob back’

copenhagen, denmark



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