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lirik lagu go! go! vietnam – midnight brown


[verse 1: u.s. pipe]
i know a girl who’s too d-mn scene
makes a collage from magazines
pick it up! pick it up! pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

makes out with the girls and guys, got star tattoos on both her thighs
oi! oi! oi oi oi!

her rockabilly gear is all boxed away
drinks pbr for the irony
chk-i-chk, chk-i-chk, chk-i-chk-chk!

punk rock bill pastel striped shirt
don’t get to close or you’ll get hurt
go! go! go, go, go!

go! go! go vietnam!
go! go! go vietnam!
go! go! go vietnam!
go! go! go vietnam!

[verse 2: u.s. pipe]
oh safety pins and pump heels
electro dj on the wheels!
hup! hup! hup hup hup!

if shes your ride you’re stuck a while
she’ll mix ’round sims into j. geils
1, 2, 1 2 3 4 go!


[verse 3: u.s. pipe]
barista by day, she’s served by night
is it still cool to like jack white?
no! oh girlfriend, it’s your birthday! go shorty, it’s your birthday1

all she know is she ain’t sitting here
and she’ll be in europe this time next year
you are my only girl, but you’re not my only girl!