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lirik lagu you can’t stop me – midnight star


you can’t stop me from loving you
no no baby
you can’t stop me from wanting to be with you

[verse 1]
i devoted my love to you
so you’d be my man
if you’d only take my hand
my heart i know you’d gain
feel something special my darling
no one can tear it down
cause as long as you stand beside me
i’ll be the happiest girl around

[verse 2]
don’t you know that i want you baby
to take control
when i look all around me yeah
you’re the only one i wanna hold
give me the love i’ve been needing
to ease the pain and this hurt in heart
i’ll show you that i can love you forever
and baby i know just when to start


i want to be everything that you’ll ever need
cause in my heart i have n-body but you
n-body but you