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lirik lagu 5 (a)nyday – midnite the poltergeist


[intro: midnite the poltergeist]
still at it, i can’t f-ck with no n-gg- who ain’t willing to look into the reality of their life man. peep this the way i see it, in this world we can die any day, and life is a gift from my creator. so i ain’t going to take kindly to anybody tryna’ mess with that (f-ck that), give a f-ck if he 6 feet or 16! i know what i stand for and imma ride for my mother f-cking n-gg-s. yall can ride with us or get rolled over but i ain’t the type to just lay there and die

[verse 1: midnite the poltergeist]
sh-t we can die any day, that’s why i keep a glock holstered to waist
and open pray, the only time my sight is gone away
from my back and my peripherals mappin’ out individuals
so even if they be deep there’s a chance i can out hit ’em
so conscious my mind is lit from this knowledge i’m tryna’ spit
cause its burning up in my head until either hip is equipped
with defense cause no offense f-ck police and politics
the enemy is hiding so hard to stand united
when we can’t see that we divided and fighting war i’m front line in
cause i ain’t with staying quiet and dying in f-cking silence
i’m violent but you can’t spy it my mind is brighter than diamond
and i guarantee just as strong so sh-t i would say that my life is
worth more than a 9 to 5 while paying bills through retirement
unless i sooner expire, they sit in rooms and conspire
if i knew who with a sniper i swear i’d shoot i would fire
they have the power of armies but only yahuah can stop me!

[hook: midnite the poltergeist]
and if any n-gg- down to go to war with me i’m all in
we’ll have the whole block quarantined we all sick
but they be bombing so if the streets mobbin’
see mps walkin’ proceed with caution (caution, caution)
sh-t we can die any day sh-t i rather spray
before i ever see the “l” i’d rather grab a k
cause we can die any day, even sabbath day
i’ve seen sadder days
mother f-ck these rattle snakes!

[verse 2: midnite the poltergeist]
and they be hissing, hissin’ and clenching victims
sittin’ as politicians and mixing with opposition
so really we just the p-wns in the game of own all citizens
sh-t i don’t follow rules, i got a lot to lose
cause my life is on the line but they don’t value that
how many times they wrongly k!lled a n-gg- someone tally that
so if the laws start to marchin’ in my hood left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot
bet i’m watching every move and my thoughts are violent
swear i don’t trust the cops, military, cia, nasa, the lies they tell you, fema, the head of state
even united nations they all have been infiltrated or created
but sh-t my little brother gabriel been awakened
and we bound to stir the world with the music we be making
so you gon’ meet them when they marchin’ in your hood? left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot

[hook] x2