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lirik lagu 0 to 100 – mighty machi


excuse me why i get my heinz/
hits at the back of the bottle still ain’t loss my mind/
i’m lining up i’m at the line running 10 to grab the dime/
i got so much in store/ tro boomin’ i want some more/
my life current i’m feeling like al gore/
these deterrents still ain’t stop my hunger for sh0r-s/
coast to coast from the dirty 3rd/
birds the word/
forget the past tense that you heard/
i’m keep dreaming you can have all that i deferred/
i am about my bread i don’t knead with u dudes/
my tude kinda rude but the purp be the lube/
the machine keeps on churning/
and if its machiavelli at the end the prince keeps on earning/
why you was in the club spending all your change/
i was in the gym lifting books/
pecking at keyes writing these hooks/
tryna cop my mom’s a range
peep game this is the art of strange
they say in this land i’m peter pan/
never growing up until i build a nigerian neverland/
like never did we think would have constant power
the plan ain’t fully complete but the attempts will soon flower
i’m far from crazy or lazy/
my past of 10 years kinda hazy/
life is so amazing ode to the time i spent praying/
amen/ bless all my super sayains /
and when i’m in the zone i ain’t no longer playin
like vic i’m going blonde/ i just wrote another song/
belly and boyz in the hood no tears from nia long/
real deal combo/
just quick with the -ssist like rondo/
p-ss it to the people watch the shots go/
i’m on my pac flow/
green life be the sign though
tat it on my hand to for my remind tho
come to my country i show you how i can handle that/
i’m bout my washingtons but we can bring scandal back/
hood pope can handle that/
real quick real quick a n-gga hard to deal with
0 to 100 my n-gga real quick/

forget that machi you gotta chill sh-t/
you can’t stand me now u can fall back/
i’m coming for the crown and all that/
never not working show up in fatigue/
my goals are from another league/
champions for the real/ i done realized
these n-ggas need to be baptized/
in a pool full of lean/ slow’d up and poe’d up
my n-gga hold up we dem boyz wiz done showed up
cl!ck cl!ck that’s the team of 419ers/
blowing up the bank from the diner
forget that p-ss we born to ball/
don’t answer that fax we on the call/

h-llo, the mighty machine, stready chasing the dream