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lirik lagu angel face – mike oxlong


mic check one two, bro
uh, uh, uh, yeah
mike oxlong is like forever (ever)
bit, bit, biv, dev, then voe

[verse 1]
bumping you all around this b*tch like a ragdoll
i got no regrets, but multiple of them blackb*lls
being f*cking p*ssed on, like the bathroom stalls
mikes goes and let your game take over
keep ya hype f*cking up, never being sober
just to never remember yesterday like a hangover
all the vegetarians, 0 out of 18, couldn’t handle beef
i’m the black cat, soul of a sneaky thief
rappers eating rappers, accepting s*x with a disease
sleeping on mike, rapping through the triple z’s
chivalry is dead
sorry but not sorry, mike doesn’t listen to what you said
lucky 7 sat*rday, fairly odd parents with the bread
rage quitting video games but never left this one game
better come correct to these b*tches, but not leave a cum stain
the whole runtime of this track runs like 1 train
so its only right that i tell motherf*ckahs “gimme one minute”
going 80 miles f*cking per hour, paid for the speeding ticket
all four of my exes when through the x like xzibit
all eyes on me, add a f*cking z instead of a s
speaking of x, f*cked up the game but not the xx
see i can always be called the devil in a blue dress
turn me off, all you f*cking needed to do is press
lock up the violent lyrics like the j*panese after pearl harbor
sorry but if you’re a janitor, sweep next to the nba floor seats
they say they’ll jumpscare me
make me f*cking pee on my brand new sheets
i’m too big for you to recognize, well i got larger
dirty f*cking bars, you need a dentist, not a f*cking barber
having s*x at 13, early to be f*cking this b*tch harder
mark where you need to be, got a map and a marker
protect myself from the a*i*d’s, the condom is my only armor
write this sh*t with me, myself, and i, basically solo
the star you go to war with, mike also known as han solo
motherf*ckers popping up like jack in boxes playing marco polo
half black half mexican
so that means half big and half cholo
half baked half f*cked*up, left right, up up down down
chi*city never knew that f*cking mike was around town
grab a million dollars like jackie brown
ay man, i wanna figure out why they wanna blow j?
rap game tell me i’m not guilty like oj
tell motherf*ckas to go fetch and go play
me and the music gon’ be best friends like seth and evan
most beautiful thing in the world, next to heaven
back in ‘02, gotta aim for the seven
ball d*ck ball, just like a f*cking division sign
stop the recording just like if there was a stop sign
the actions made you crooked, crooked motherf*cking spine
so fresh and so clean, but it’s the t**th that shine
when i needed my boys the most, they had to be there
hold up, michael lee’s coming, beware
think outside the box, step outta your comfort zone of a square
i know when i’m taking sh*t too far, i’m self*aware
the thigest f*cking neck, protect busta rhyme’s neck
feeling untouchable, kevin costner, eliot ness
hadn’t returned to the spot called grosse pointe blank
you ain’t f*cking wearing nothin’ red, just a blank t*shirt
i’m the f*cking one b*tch, that means its me first
left a f*cking warning like music videos warning people about seizures
listen, michael told everyone to suck his duck, what a pervert
you’re k!lling me like i have small positive energy
on these f*cking angles through traffic, supplementary
adding all these motherf*ckas who are my 5 hour enemies
raunchy like teen comedies, ten plus ten
pretty in pink, b*tches and cam’ron back to it again
look, he’s ghostwriting, he’s not touching the pen
dunking too many phases in this game
like we’re playing eternal rounds of nba 2k
no sh*t my other half took over tp & mlo, i have that two*face
who is fresh? who is f*cking clean, mike hands you some toothpaste
throwing a fiesta, wait, remove the a
also remove the e and place the a right there, then copy and paste
then there you motherf*ckers got the last name of lupe
doing this sh*t on a daily, 50 first dates
but i cut through the borders of my first take
leave a smiley face on a building, angel face
d*mn, i smoked that much?
f*ck, always f*ck it
i’ma do it again
and again



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