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lirik lagu hey young world – mike shabb


packs came in by the boatload
slime sh*t, slime sh*t like its coco
whole band got sticks on em like gogo
ain’t nothin changed b*tch we gettin paid
thats on brobro
yung n*gga sh*t i need my neck on froze
my yung n*gga crazy he”ll let the gun blow
sometimes i think sittin on dope
traphouse jumpin but i can’t say more
yo bro, im the reason why these n*ggas sound like this
yo bro, im the reason why you puttin grabba in you spliff
yo bro, im the reason why the city look like legit
yo bro, im the same young n*gga since a jit a lil richer
i think my mind playin tricks on me
thats why i gotta keep a dirty sticc on me
my young n*gga trappin he want bricks only
these n*ggas ain’t on bizz thеy talkin zips only
hey young world, dont trust n0body
dont let another n*gga catch your body
dont lеt a broke b*tch run off with your money
dont let the hood fool you think about it
hey young world, the world is yours
aye, ooo ooo
aye, ooo ooo
ooo ooo