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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – mike stud


f-ck being on some chill sh-t
i go 0 to 100 homie, real quick
real quick, super quick
well i’m swinging for the fences, call that big papi
sh-t changed after tommy boy, chris farley
and before that, well i thought i had it planned
but i made my own breaks, call that tom callahan
i’m just trying to get it, then i did it
if it’s a lyric then i lived it, don’t you get it?
i’m the realest, i just kept my f-cking head on straight
you called me out but that’s a stretch, like there’s men on base
cause it’s all hustle, no luck
sh-t hard, though
up against the wall, you dropped the ball: d-ck clark, ho
hold up
this ain’t what you want to do
this ain’t for fun, i ain’t the one you want to run into
watch what you say, boy
i don’t play, boy
your girl a 5, mine’s in playboy
and f-ck h.a.m. i’m going hamilton, i got 100 dimes
try to egg me on and sh-t, but i don’t flip, sunny side
cause there’s no point
you ain’t got it like i got it
if you try to get out of pocket, i’ll serve you like i’m rodd-ck
you don’t want it, nah man you don’t want it
cause i don’t think you understand the sh-t you started
homie, i was your size back in kindergarten
the sh-t you’re talking is a bit r-t-rded cause it’s garbage
little guy, you a little target
but i got aim though, call me pedro
and you just clogging up the game and i’m the drano
i go 0 to 100 real fast, give you whiplash
you just mad you was picked last in gym cl-ss
you should’ve kept your day job
cause i stay in my zone, jim boeheim
so was it worth it to quit?
it’s ironic that you left google
but you still searching for hits and sh-t
i ain’t got one neither, that ain’t the point at all
but you dropped two tapes before i made a song
think about it
if i was on my seventh year with your career
well sh-t man, then i’d be p-ssed off
so f-ck being on some chill sh-t
i go 0 to 100 hoodie, real quick
i go 0 to a c-note
i’m cooperstown, b-tch you’re more like cupertino
you computer guy in your suit and tie
coming at me was kinda sorta like suicide
so run forrest, go forrest
you f-cking clown, i hope you got some more jokes for us
and after this, n0body gon’ do a song with you
you should’ve known that i was gon’ get you
and honestly, i really tried to get along with you
but like the artwork for your song, you had the wrong picture