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lirik lagu letter to mumble rappers – mikey amaré


sitting on my momma couch trying to piece it together
late nights grindin’ n-gg- i want this sh-t forever
i do it all by myself i never asked for favors
iphone notes full with lyrics them sh-ts getting clever
10,000 hours i’m ready to go
i used to know a real -ss b-tch she from kennedy road
i swear
she used to tell boy i know you gone blow
all i want is backstage p-sses when i come to your show yup
back rubs when i felt the pressure
i stay focused while my peers pressure
hate is love don’t let these comments get ya
or even worse don’t let’em gas you up
they hate behind your back when they see you they dap you up yup
follow suit then you’ll get dappered up
the higher up you go them lawsuits keep on addin up if so be
this grey goose got me actin up
might f-ck around text my ex girl man these tongue emojis
she couldn’t resist it
i’m just playing i texted ya just to tell ya you this twice
hope the n-gg- do you worse than gilbert arenas
post on instagram when that n-gg- be sh-ttin on his wife
i’m at a point now i’m cashin’ these likes
l’s trun to wins now
these curves turn to hits now
rappers package i want the rollie on wrist now
these haters getting p-ssed now
lately my girl been trippin
told her i’ll be different
just like top of the year when b-tches sign up for gym
but can’t handle commitment
that sh-t just a figment
top 5 n-gg- who you elect
even mumble rappers gettin’ respect
f-ck a list i’m only in it for checks
when that last time a rapper and the people connect b-tch

think about it
i’m trying to be a great
y’all can mumble away
new alb-m
rich off the internet
top of the year