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cry me a river - millkzy lyrics


intrinsically created with delicacy and fragility
like a potter sculpting clay
hardening the decorative art through heat shaping the beautifully evil pandora’s box
but see our love is not pandora’s box
although it is art hardened through the heat of our intensity when our eyes meet and there is a sense of familiarity our love is not pandora’s box
it is not alluring yet filled with the sounds**

yeah look and

i know we ended things in terms we can’t come back from
we argued ’bout emotions things we both would lack of
now recеntly deleteds makе me feel more homesick
but i wonder why i call you when i don’t condone it

more beautiful in person
my own monte carlo
you said i’ll see you soon
i wish it was tomorrow
but now my hearts grown colder
than nights in chicago
cuz you found somebody new
that knows the things that i know

one night without you in my own oasis
why would i think restart if i don’t want new faces
yes, leaving you alone is more than just persuasive
but i know if i’m too late then you will find replacements
my keeper of my keeper hope you overheard me
i still got things i think of things that still concern me
i know i played with fire tell me how it burned me
or tell me how her feelings wasn’t worth returning

congratulations, you’ve been granted patience
a nursery of love and i became your patient
regardless all the signs my heart is very vacant
and you brought up my red flags but since the last i’ve changed it


so, cry amongst this river ’til you understand me
i know that loving right isn’t your understanding
and when i didn’t leave it wasn’t part of planning
but i’d rather see it through then makeup for an ending

so, cry amongst this river ’til you understand me

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