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lirik lagu looking back – minecraft97


while i had the underground moving
while i was relaxing, we were writing!
remember being in class, haha it was stupid
this was around the time me and curtis were behind curtains
perfect! only thing that matters is the song >:)
pro tools necessary to be ‘working’
i remember jerking in my skinny demins
spitting up seed
focussed on lyrics whoile corner cultuer shifted
time got rough when it started switching
ebt is somehow a brag when its free money
got evictеd for christmas
pops was carter since he was a midgеt
started banging hard
grew dread swavayto show that i not care
couldn’t get a buck stolecause i dont even know me
remember when kobe crmyashed a helicopter to sacrifice kids?
lol what was up with that, beatsand shaq with the ghostbustin shirt
sh*ts crazy i dunno. hope they don’t believe in wichcraft in 2020
probably could get a lot of people locked up lol