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lirik lagu durin’s blade – mines of moria


speak, friend, and enter the domain of his forsaken realm
feeding off your weakness
the ring of power will guide thee deeper
into the halls of the forgotten kings

commence the suffering
the wretched swarm hinders your way
embrace death
a mortal, protected by mithril
drawing gaze of the dark lords slaves
tunneled in, with no hope of escape, no escape
this is what you came for
to meet death
shelter from thе storm
cut your way into the hordes of the dark
pеnetrate flesh of the malicious foe
this is what you endure, constant threat

be warned, for there’s a demon who dwells within
balrog, a behemoth in the smog
durin’s bane, immortal demon, you cannot win
fire claws, wielding a whip of ever burning flame
terrified, you cannot fight
this time, you’ve got to flee for your lives

all who dwell here, live in fear, lurking in the shadows
breaking silence would ensure their end
and now you’ve met your fate, your fate
this is what you came for

ring bearer
sacrifice your grey protector
fly, you fools

a mortal protected by mithril, drawing gaze from the malevolent eye
gather strength for it does not end here
forever watched by the burning eye
rise up from the shadows of calamity
rival the strength of evil that stands before the old lives lay behind
old lives lay behind in the mist, dark adventure lay in front
dare speak, friend, enter at your own risk
join the dead, be one with the void