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lirik lagu clear view – minister squad


“clear view” by minister squad feat. mr uni universal
you can speak love and improve your craft –
or spit trash and be a poison tongued desert asp –
can’t talk outta both sides of your face –
refreshing and bitter waters can’t flow from the same place –
light and dark can’t commune in the same sp*ce –
the just and the unjust can’t partnership in faith –
so put the beat on, visions of amp’d crowds from these street psalms –
speakers rock revival three weeks long –
gotta make a hit that kicks to the chest –
cuts to the flesh, creates tears and breaks ya neck –
that’s the only way to earn respect to feed’em wisdom –
now that’s wisdom, so hook the beat up, check check check –
flavors major, something to savor, the savior –
a meal that satisfies when ya eyes are looking bigger than you can take bruh!*
that’s the best who ever done it, who want it? –
spirit deals it 100 no deficit, forever love i want it –
power with god, favor with man –
the ancient who can, created me in his image like spray paint from a can –
always stay evolving, shout out to my man –
a can of act right open on you taste fakers like spam –
that means this world full of lies, don’t let it damage ya –
cuz bad company corrupts good character –
gotta master ya fears, the healing for all years –
reminiscing on tracks, take ya back like aaaaw yeah! –
the holy ghost break me up like stale toast –
the conviction, stirs up emotions like gma’s cooking in the kitchen –
a classic example, how to flip a sample –
can you handle when the prophet hands along his mantle –
is what i say to myself looking in a mirror –
pondering scripture to picture life a little bit clearer –
trying to get a clear view –
these hard times, these hard times that are looking at ya –
when your looking in the mirror, can you see alittle clearer? –
these hard times, these hard times, when your looking in the mirror –
pondering the scriptures, does life seem alittle bit clearer *