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lirik lagu ##blackout – minok0


[verse 1: crusey]
talkin on the net
he gon back down
one shot to his head
he can’t back out
if he talking on the gang
he get tracked down
yeah bullet in my chest
i’m boutta black out

stab me in my f*cking back
put him in a f*ckin pack
pull up wit a f*ckin tac
why u talkin down?
catch him while he f*ckin lack

[verse 2: minok0]
stab me in the back
then i blackout
aim above the chest
then i pull my f*ckin stick out
tryna be like us
but you just a b*tch now
tryna be like us
better find ur way out
p*ssy gonna fall down
im still standin
ur droppin blood
like p*ssy what happened?
heard ur last track
and i couldn’t f*cking stand it

[verse 3: plec0]
put a weapon 2 his dome
it’s over
all u p*ssy b*tches clones
so u better watch ur tone
there’s no way ur running home
take ur eyes ur a cyclone
blow it like a trombone
u r a just an unknown
jealous cus i outgrown
all u b*tches backing up
all my riches stackin up
u wanna join the gang
but i told u , u can’t rock w us
bewitch is a sediment
b*tch i’m in my element
she bumping off the ketemine
big d*ck like an elephant
you r so irrelevant
i’ll turn u to a skeleton
music is my medicine
all black like the president
b*tch i can do anything

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