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lirik lagu 11-88 – misanthropy club


25th november, the tragedy begun
little school girl just tried to live her daily life, ( li$p: her daily life )
now held hostage and beyond

can’t make any decision which is my own right
can’t take the reality and force what they think are right. ( li$p: what they think are right! )
now my life is theirs to break

li$p & blaze:
hundred times till i lose count
at 8 o’clock, night of dawn
much better from what i’ve endure, what i’ve taken, and what i had since november 88!

( i ) deserve to have this earth on h*ll?
deserve to have this such of pain?
too sinful?
too sinful to have this h*ll, to feel the pain, to be the proof of the death of humanity?

*j*panese news rough translation*
on the 28th, this boy k!lled a 17*year*old female high school student junko furuta at saitama
who had been buried later in a drum can
and confined by 7 other boys, she was k!lled by lynch
happi looks good on you
no more pain
suffering ends
can you hear the sound of the drum?
suffering ends