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lirik lagu 2007 (intro) – miss skinny


[verse 1]
miss skinny come back for a soph0m*re album
i’ve got 10 grand maybe you could have some
i’m soft, i’m icy like the ice cream magnum
but once i breakdown i can rampage from random
this beat go hard, offguard, stockyard
i am a woman without a trump card
i asked the vmas “yeah where’s my vanguard?”
i walk out of nowhere the avant garde

[chorus] (x8)
miss skinny be stuck in the 2007

[verse 2]
went on a massacre, yeah i’m the baddest
yellow jacket off, yeah i call that talent
j*panese palace, let’s not be modest
i am the fastest, yeah i’m the baptist
slow it down, keep it down
give me the crown, you are the clown
caramel brown, best on the playground
time for showdown, short top touchdown

[chorus] (x8)
miss skinny be stuck in the 2007