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lirik lagu flex on my ex – miss supreme


“how you telling me you love me but don’t know what love is man f-ck this, wasted all my time on this dumb n-gga that i’m done with. never knew that love was a drug until i touched it. imma take my time on the next one that i f-ck with cause you lied to me yeah you f-cking lied to me i thought that you was gonna ride get ready to fly with me. never knew that you was unfaithful and so triffiling. keep a smile on my face no shedding tears now. heart so cold i can’t even f-cking care now. look me in my eyes and see the struggles and the fears now. i be tryna smoke the pain away and hope for better days. every boy i talk to now a day i swear they on display. all they do is stab me in my back and good for throwing shade. you want me to control.” yeah. what’s the pains and whats the gains. have you been so sick and tired of being so sick and tired, thought you loved me. you was a liar