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lirik lagu belladonna – mission


you be the boy and i’ll be the girl
i’ll be your toy if you will shake my little world
i’ll dress and parade for you in your finest satin and lace
i’ll drag your razor down my legs and i’ll paint my face
don’t let every little thing drag you under
’cause life can be so full of joy and wonder

the night can be so full of hidden treasure
and there’s ecstasy in every forbidden pleasure
i’ll surrender and submit to your every blessed command
how could they know? they’ll never understand

how easy it is for me to put my life in your hands
and how easy it is to be everything you demand

belladonna i can’t deny
belladonna i dunno why
belladonna i want you to know
you’re poison but i want you so
belladonna i can’t resist
belladonna i want your kiss
belladonna i want you to know
you’re dirty sweet and i love you so