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lirik lagu 06. electronic brain – misunderstood demon


electronic brain lyrics

(electronic brain)x4

it’s that electronic brain
mechanically insane
nuts and bolts be flying right up out my membrane
try to stay calm but my sh-t is in pain
dammit man
i need to f-cking drain
feeling high but i’m thinking low
i don’t even know
feel it in my soul
like a console when i press controls
b-tton mashing
that’s a type of sk!ll
now i’m upgrading
see the combos ill
working hard and i rarely stop
so i think i really need an advil
and then k!ll the pain that i’m dealing with
mechanical things in my f-cking wrist
wires gears and a current shock
going through my brain like a f-cking circuit
robotic build with a deadly mind
a human brain that’s one of a kind
designed for mankind
and outlined then refined
so let’s roll with mechanical flows
human mindset
so you know a n-gg- know
try to control me
n-gg- you crazy
don’t you know i got a mind of my own
and i’m in my zone
better leave me alone
or i’ll break yo back and i’ll snap yo bones
and i’ll stack yo sh-ts like the catacombs
or throw you off
call it overthrown
i’m the greatest and the strongest and the smartest
last the longest
go from august straight to august
like it’s nothing
man i’m honest
i’m just being modest
i’m robotic
and chaotic with the logic
put together
i’m atomic
i’m a k!ller in the metal
with strategies blowing up
i’m a one man army
i don’t need no follow up
i got connections through these wires
so you know i’m linked up
i got everything that i need in order to start it up
so i’m rocking this k!ller melody
working hard like technology
i’m deadly but with the mind
you ain’t ready b
brain and metal
deadly combination
think i’ll go insane
just because i know that inside my mind

(it’s that electronic brain
electronic brain
electronic brain
electronic brain)x2