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lirik lagu let it die – mitch davis


[verse 1]
somehow you tapped into the part of me
that’s lived in moments few and far between
intoxicated, it was no surprise (it was no surprise)
when you felt the tremors, i missed the signs

but we never would’ve made it
so why delay it?
there’s no better time
to let it die

[verse 2]
it’s only natural to resist a change (i don’t wanna, no, no)
in desperation, try another way (another way, yeah)
but through the heartache within the pain
i think we know insidе (we know inside), we gotta lеt it die (let it die)
’cause we never would’ve made it (no, no, no)
there’s no point debating
when we’ve used up all our patience (it’s all good)
don’t be complacent
no, it’s not worth hesitating (no, no, no)
oh, baby, face it
there’s no better time
need to let it die

that’s how it goes sometimes, i guess
can’t control it, can’t predict it
till it hits ya
well, lesson learned
till next time

uh*huh, uh*huh
uh*huh, uh*huh
uh*huh, uh*huh